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michael chugani blog

Then came the rival Chinese dream, which President Xi Jinping fleshed out at the 19th party congress. Which dream do you choose? I asked this at two separate dinners with friends, one in Hong Kong and the other on the mainland. Big mistake. What was intended as good-natured discussions quickly turned into verbal brawls. The mainland dinner had a mix of mainlanders and Hongkongers, some of whom now live across the border and have become fierce loyalists. Except for a few Hongkongers, the rest uniformly derided the American dream as a fading one that has produced a declining nation populated with warmongers, mass shooters and racists.

The Chinese military, they said, is now so powerful it would defeat the Americans hands down. When a Hongkonger mocked such jingoism by asking why there were tens of thousands of mainland students flooding into the US, and not wanting to return, the mainlanders retorted inaccurately that far fewer students now go. Stereotypes and misperceptions: Hong Kong and mainland Chinese students. A patriotic Hongkonger insisted China had an ancient right to most of the South China Sea and the US should stop sending warships to the area.

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I wanted to ask if, by the same ancient rights logic, China would support India reclaiming all of Pakistan, but thought better of it.

I noted that, under Xi, corruption is in retreat, the country is churning out billionaires and the people have found a new patriotic pride. The scornful retorts came from all directions. And so it went. What startled me most was the assertion by one local that China is just a bigger version of North Korea.

It is, of course, too unscientific to rely on views expressed at two small gatherings as representing widely held opinions. But the depth of feelings at both places was very real … read more. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email.Post a comment. Pages Home Favourites Library. Monday, 7 December Our "Grandfatherland" Like: when can we have democracy in Hong Kong, as you promised But one particular term has become a fixture in our political vocabulary.

It is neither tantalising nor sexy. Its literal definition has, in recent years, been overshadowed by its. If you hear the word ah yeh. In the political context, ah yeh means our communist rulers in Beijing. Everyone I asked said they now habitually use ah yeh instead of. Beijing but none seemed to know for sure if Hongkongers do this to. It's the same as trying to get a straight answer on why all the fury over.

Donald Tsang Yam-kuen rather than Beijing, or ah yehif you prefer. No one can provide a ready answer that makes sense.

I don't know if Beijing likes being called ah yehif it cares one way or. Certainly, the literal usage of the word carries much respect. And that is precisely why Hongkongers call Beijing ah yehat least. Beijing calls all the important. And what it decides is final, even though Hong. Kong is supposed to have a high degree of autonomy in its political. When Hongkongers used ah yeh as a substitute, they are in fact.

It expresses a sentiment that differs greatly from si tau poh. The term carried far fewer political connotations when. When Hongkongers call Beijing ah yeh, they are saying they know that.I have included just a few links below to share with you the common use of the term, the first being from July of this year in a major metropolitan newspaper. I can assure you that I would never refer to present day Hong Kong as a colony knowing the significance of that term in that context.

As those links should show, the term is a widely used in the industry where I have had the most experience". I do both at the same time. This saves me a lot of time. I listened with half an ear to the interview because I am not a racing fan.

A colony is a country or area controlled and occupied by another country. Hong Kong was a British colony for over years. Even though Hong Kong has been reunited with China for 18 years already, Cummings still called it a colony during the interview.

He said a South African jockey would be returning to the colony for the new racing season. Then he said the global nature of the colony is stronger than it has ever been. I am not sure if Cummings made a slip of the tongue or if he prefers to live in the past when he twice called Hong Kong a colony, but somebody at the Jockey Club should remind him that Hong Kong is no longer a colony.

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If you wonder if your ears had deceived you, it means you cannot believe what you have heard. To listen with half an ear means to not listen carefully or to not listen with full attention.

If you prick up your ears, it means you suddenly start to listen very carefully or with full attention. You can then say the dog has pricked up its ears. I hope this column will remind Cummings that Hong Kong is no longer a colony!The only one still waiting for a decision is Joshua Wong.

The Returning Officer in his area has mysteriously gone sickin the way someone might if her conscience did not allow her to obey anti-democratic orders from above or, you may consider, in the way someone might if she was actually sick.

What brings about the boy Joshua aside this outbreak of tolerance among Returning Officers? It could be that, in a freakish fit of common sense, local officials convinced the Liaison Office that disqualifications would provoke yet more loathing for a government that has run out of legitimacy. Another theory is that the civil servants or their local superiors are petrified of being blacklisted by the US — though this assumes they have a choice.

District Councils are a big yawn, but there has been a recent strenthening of support for pan-dems, and a surge in new voter registrations — and this is a golden opportunity to give the government a big kick up the backside, and Beijing a message.

One is a company run by an ex-cop trying to drum up business; the analysis is purely focused on gory mayhem in the streets. Another — some sort of personal security outfit — issues lengthy blood-curdling advice copied to everyone in and around the government on how best to crush the radical fanatic terrorists in our midst. Bear in mind that people with vast fortunes to move around try not to leave signs, and that the stability of the monetary and financial systems would be the last things to go — long after the rest of us have emigrated or been used for organ-harvesting.

Asia Dialogue again, on why the CCP fears religion …. Hell just froze over. Hit his brother with a water cannon. Raise a glass to him for those. Micael Chugani has been a voice of reason since at least the July or August of this year. Just take a look at some of his editorials on the SCMP from the past several months.

It has an inner-circle each with handles, initials and letters before and after names which are first in the queue for largesse handed out by the Principality. It is a fully-functioning fiefdom with serfs and peasants granted cash to keep them placid and willing to hand over the fruits of their labour to the Principality. It even has a residential fortress and administration fortress for the encumbent ruler of the Principality, but no mechanism for change of ruler except by appointment by the Emperor.

So glad you mentioned the Peterloo Massacre. During my time living in Cottonopolis I tried to raise awareness because there was no fitting memorial, despite it being such a pivotal moment. There is one now. Guardian readers rejoice! There are indeed parallels between what is happening in Hong Kong and that event. Also, glad to see Chuggers putting the boot in, as others have observed. Good to see that the Popo have so much spare time on their hands that they can hassle buskers now.

And call in reinforcements …. Mark Lane Chugani until very recently has been a biased, pro establishment, sneering little toad, although with one eye firmly on his own interests. He is a turncoat in reverse, but when his own interests are challenged I doubt his current damasquen conversion will last. Mun Dane If the protestors are,with it they should send 2 or 3 half musicians to all major juncio s and occupy the entire police force. Question, can the PAP then operate?.

Your email address will not be published.For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Many people are still trying to come to grips with the coronavirus, which has already killed aboutpeople and infected over 4 million around the world. A study by US experts found sunlight and humidity can easily kill the coronavirus.

michael chugani blog

This has raised hopes the global pandemic may slow down during the summer but University of Hong Kong microbiologist Yuen Kwok-yung said on my TV show last week he was certain the virus will return in the winter. Many experts say the virus will return with a vengeance in the winter unless scientists create an effective vaccine. An expression many US health experts now say when asked by reporters about the killer virus is "it is what it is".

This is an expression I seldom used before but I have often used it nowadays not just for the deaths caused by the virus but also for Hong Kong's current political situation. The expression "it is what it is" is used when something very bad has happened or is happening and people must accept it because there is nothing they can do about it. The coronavirus is killing and infecting people around the world.

There is very little we can do to stop it without a vaccine and so we must accept it as a fact.

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It is what it is. When people ask me if the central government is getting more involved in local political issues, I say it definitely is but there is little we can do about it.

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The expression "come to grips with" means to try to understand a difficult problem or situation and deal with it. If something returns "with a vengeance", it means it comes back with great force.

I am sure everyone hopes the coronavirus won't come back "with a vengeance" in the winter. All rights reserved.Thanks for writing blog to teach audiences Michael! I've been watching your show on TV since a couple motnhs ago. When will the run on toilet paper end?

It is making Hong Kong the butt of jokes. I am running low on toilet paper. But all the supermarkets I've gone to have run out of toilet paper. Selfish people have been bulk-buying toilet paper and rice. My overseas friends have made this bulk-buying the butt of jokes. Have you noticed I have used the word "run" three times but with different meanings?

It is a very versatile adaptable word. If there is a run on something, it means a lot of people are suddenly buying the same thing. If you are running low on something, it means you don't have much left. If something has run out, it means there is none left.

The word "bulk" describes something very large. To bulk-buy something means to buy a lot of it. When you are the butt of jokes, it means everyone is making fun or joking about you.

Many of my overseas friends are making fun of Hong Kong people for bulk-buying rice and toilet paper. They said Hong Kong has become the butt of jokes. It is very clever to use the expression "butt of jokes" for Hong Kong people bulk-buying toilet paper because the word "butt" is a slang word for buttocks or anus.

My friends joked about Hong Kong people bulk-buying rice and toilet paper by pointing out that eating too much white rice causes constipation. People who have constipation won't need too much toilet paper.

It is true that eating too much white rice causes constipation. White rice has very little fibre compared to brown rice. White is not the natural colour of rice. It becomes white after the husk and bran are removed. The rice is then polished to become white. Husk and bran are the outer coverings of rice and seeds.

They have healthy fibre and nutrients. Brown rice, which contains husk and bran, does not cause constipation.Also — less convincingly — Singapore.

michael chugani blog

Russia and Malaysia also have such laws. In freer countries, the rules specifically target things like hate speech, but in more authoritarian regimes it is simply a way to criminalize anti-government views.

Government lies will, of course, be exempt

This proposal probably owes something to the HK Police, who have been embarrassed by rumours and allegations about cover-ups, for example over their never-explained rampage in Prince Edward MTR station in August Ultimately, the CCP will be happy only when Hong Kong has a Mainland-style intranet, with Facebook and Twitter inaccessible, and compulsory real-name registration of all social media users. The wumao are in an uproar over that particular article by Chugani. They really need to up their game on their fake English aliases, though.

They really are a bunch of imbeciles and SCMP does nothing about them but moderates anything remotely critical of the ccp and scmp very hard.

michael chugani blog

And if you call wumao out for being xenophobic sacks of shit, you just get your own comment deleted. I really hope SCMP is struggling financially and that their subscription drive is bombing hard because everyone knows how to read their 2 bit crap off the private tabs for free. The Ant Group situation also hopefully means their big daddy Alibaba is on the outs with the ccp too and can be kicked in the teeth.

If Tammy Tam ever gets punished for making the ccp angry with her intellectually lazy word salad articles that would be great too if we were to make a Christmas wish list.

RTHK report.

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Best to skip the Comments as you would Rectum4 when he pops up here. And did I read correctly that Carson Yeung, formerly of Birmingham City soccer club, was assaulted last night in the lobby of the Park Lane Hotel in CWB and had to be transported to the hospital by ambulance?

Why is he not in prison? And is bad cop-turned-solicitor Peter Pannu still his lawyer? And why is Peter Pannu also the lawyer of the Senior Superintendent who was convicted of assault during the Umbrella Revolution?

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Police say they will make an application for the case to be transferred to the District Court. Or are they now subsuming the prerogatives of the DoJ? Who was the senior superintendent convicted of assault? The guy who on camera hir a passer by with his baton? Your email address will not be published. Big Lychee, Various Sectors. Watching the sun set, little by little, on Asia's greatest city — with a dash of Hemlock.

Skip to content. Government lies will, of course, be exempt Posted on December 10, by biglychee. This entry was posted in Blog. Bookmark the permalink. December 10, at pm. Hamantha says:. Bagesty The wumao are in an uproar over that particular article by Chugani. Mark Bradley says:. HKJC Irregular says:. Joe Blow says:.

December 11, at am.

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